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A Little About Me

Dr. Madiha MD, International Speaker and Mom

Madiha Saeed, MD is a practicing board certified family physician in Naperville and a traditionally published author of a best-selling book The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease, the best- selling functional medicine children’s book series, Adam’s Healing Adventures (one of Dr Mark Hyman’s favorite pics), and The Pandemic Prescription: Restoring Hope from Quran, Sunnah and Science. Her upcoming books are The Holistic Rx for Kids: Parenting Healthy Brains and Bodies in a Changing World, Adam’s Healing Adventure: The Healing Power of Rainbow Foods and The Quranic Prescription: Living Quran and Sunnah to Optimize Health, Healing and Save Our Future.

Madiha Saeed, MD a mother of four holistically raised boys (who also educate the world), on social media she is Holistic Mom, MD, is the director of education of Documenting Hope (a national organization dedicated to heal chronic disease in children) and KnoWEwell, writes for Holistic Primary Care and is on the Medical Advisory Board for Mamapotamous and Wellness Mama, who was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness, and has one of the largest wellness blogs. She won the “Up and Comer” Award at the Mindshare. She is on the board of Nagamia Institute of Islamic Medicine and Sciences, where she speaks to physicians all over the world.  

Her boys have started the popular podcast called, “The Holistic Kids’ Show”, where they interview the biggest names in health and wellness, including Dr Terry Wahls, Kaya Purohit, Reed Davis, Dr Ana Maria Temple, Dr Joel Warsh and so many more! Kids empowering and educating other kids.

She speaks internationally igniting the world with her energy and passion to ignite a healing revolution! She has appeared in numerous prestigious holistic online summits, conferences (even Dr. Terry Wahl’s conference, Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine), podcasts ((including MindBodyGreen), radio, and newspapers. She is a regular on the international Emmy winning medical talk shows, the Dr. Nandi Show (Airing on seven networks, in 95 million homes in the US and over 80 countries), The Deen Show (over 5.9 million followers on Facebook) and My Halal Kitchen (with over 1.5 million followers alone on Facebook). She has been a keynote speaker for the MAS-ICNA convention in December 2018 with an audience of 12,000 at McCormick Place, Chicago. She continues to speak worldwide igniting the world with her passion! Her patients have changed the diet in the African Union, and has world-wide clients in the highest positions. 

With her four boys, Abdullah, Zain, Emaad, and Qasim, Dr. Saeed exemplifies the holistic healing model for a happy and healthy life. She loves to walk alongside her patients, being their cheerleaders along the way toward optimal health. She gives others hope that if she can do it with a busy lifestyle, anyone can! 

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What Others Are Saying

My Upcoming and Previous Engagements

She is a regular guest speaker on numerous well-known international podcasts/summits. Some include:

  • Thriving Child Summit, 2017
  • Winter of Wellness, 2018
  • Reboot Health, 2018
  • Fabulous at 40, 2018
  • Detox Summit, 2018
  • Wellness Mama, 2018
  • Health Radio, 2018
  • Fork in the Road, 2018
  • Healthy Muslimah
  • Summit, 2018
  • Functional Medicine
  • Coaching Academy, 2018
  • Natural Solutions for
  • PCOS, 2018
  • Connecting Health Summit, 2018
  • Pregnancy & Motherhood Summit, 2018 
  • The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, 2018
    Healthy Gut, Happy Child Summit, 2018
  • Hashimotos Summit, 2019
  • Healthy Food, Happy Kids Summit, 2019
  • I’m Simply A Dad Podcast 2019
  • Integrative Pediatrics Summit 2020
  • Energy Summit 2020
  • Living with Lyme 2020
  • Your Special Needs Child Summit 2020
  • Super Human Energy Summit 2020
  • Trauma and Autoimmunity Summit 2020
  • What the Func?! Podcast 2020
  • The Kids Brain Summit 2021
  • Mind Body Green Podcast 2021
  • The Lymphatic Rescue Summit 2021
  • Healthy Vibrant Woman’s Summit 2021
  • The Dental Rescue Summit 2021
  • The Raising Amazing Podcast 2021
  • Diagnosed Summit 2021


· I Want to Feel Good Again, Islamic Center of Naperville, Naperville, Illinois, summer 2012;
· Chesterton, Indiana, May 2014; Naperville, Illinois, March 2015; Villa Park, Illinois, May 2015
· Why Can’t I Lose Weight, Islamic Center of Naperville, Naperville, Illinois; summer 2012; Villa Park, Illinois, May 2015
· Lose the Belly Weight, Chesterton, Indiana; March 2014, May 2014, June 2014
· Depression and Anxiety, YMCA, Chesterton, Indiana; November 2013
· Depression, YMCA, Chesterton, Indiana; January 2014
· Key Components of Healing and Preventing Chronic Disease, Documenting Hope fundraiser,
· North Central College, Naperville, Illinois; November 2015
· Documenting Hope fundraiser, DePaul University, Naperville, IL; November 2015
· Holistic Moms Network, Naperville, IL; January 2016
· National University of Health Sciences, Lombard March 2016
· Happy Healthy Tummies, Naperville April 2016
· Be Happy, Healthy and Wise, Schaumburg Il, April 2017
· Take Charge of Your Health, Orland Park, Il April 2017
· What’s The Fix Conference, Seattle, Washington June 2017
· Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine October 2017
· MAS ICNA December 2017
· Winter of Wellness Summit January 2018
· Islamic Center of Bolingbrook February 2018
· Dr Nandi Show February 2018 (Recorded 4 Shows)
· North Central College 2018
· Bolingbrook Park District March 2018
· Islamic Center of Naperville Community Dinner, March 2018
· Islamic Foundation, Villa Park IL, April 2018
· Islamic Foundation School April 2018
· Islamic Foundation Women’s Meeting Keynote Speaker May 2018
· Radio Islam, Chicago, May 2018
· Deen Show, Chicago May 2018
· Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, 2018
· San Diego Mosque, San Diego August 2018
· Islamic Center of Bolingbrook September 2018
· GPS, Orland Park September 2018
· Islamic Foundation School October 2018
· Northwest Indiana November 2018
· MAS ICNA December 2018
· Docuseries February 2019
· Notre Dame March 2019
· ICNA MAS April 2019
· MAS Milwaukee April 2019
· MAS July 2019
· Miami Islamic Center May 2019
· International Conference on Islamic Medicine, Canada June 2019
· Bolingbrook Wellness Wednesday 2019
· Dr Nandi Show July 2019
· Terry Wahls Retreat July 2019
· MAS LA November 2019
· Mecca Center, Healthy Eating Healthy Living December 2019
· MAS ICNA December 2019
· MAS February 2020
· ICW February 2020
· Al-Furqan Acadamy March 2020
· Boiron March 2020
· ICN March 2020
· Parenting Workshop March 202010
· ICNA March 2020
· Bolingbrook Community Center April 2020
· ICW April 2020
· MAS March 2020
· MAS April 2020
· Miftaah April 2020
· ICNA April 2020
· Deen Show April 2020
· My Halal Kitchen Series April 2020-June 2020
· Notre Dame, Indiana, April 2020
· MAS December 2021
· KnoWewell Educational Series · 2021- current weekly
ICW 2021
· Bolingbrook Mental Health Seminar
· CBS Chicago

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