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​HolisticMom,MD Clinic- Integrative Holistic Medical Practice
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Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips, chronic health conditions, fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive complaints, like IBS and bloating, brain fog, headache, mood disorders like anxiety, depression and ADHD/ADD, obesity management, rashes and joint pain, allergies/food hypersensitivities, polypharmacy management…so basically love it all…anything your other doctors can’t fix.


Empowering you to get back in the driver’s seat of your own health, Dr Saeed targets the root cause of your chronic symptoms. During your initial office visit, she will carefully listen to your symptoms and concerns and help construct an individualized plan to lower overall inflammation. After thorough laboratory testing, she personalizes your treatment further, addressing deficiencies to optimize health and healing.

With easy, cost and time effective lifestyle tips and addressing individual concerns, Dr. Saeed helps lower inflammation, bringing your whole body back into balance to rid chronic symptoms, all accompanied with smiles and laughter! 


Dr. Saeed works as a functional, holistic and integrative medicine consultant working in conjunction with your current health team and is not considered a replacement for your primary care physician.

Our office doesn’t bill your insurance and services may or may not be covered by your insurance plan. You may submit the receipt for services to your insurance for reimbursement.

First visit-$400 for up to 60 minutes of face to face time with Dr. Saeed
Subsequent visits-$200 up to 30 minutes    

​Virtual meeting with Dr. Saeed are available via interactive courses and considered coaching sessions only. During the interactive course, there is no patient-doctor relationship. Please call the office for more information.

We Cater to You! Please call the office for different payment plans that will work for you! 

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My Adult onset PRP began on 12/6/17 and hit me like a storm. Within a week I was diagnosed with PRP since both dermatologists I saw said I was a "textbook perfect." My dermatologist told me that meds would just treat the symptoms, not cure the disease. But I took them anyway since I was desperate. I took methotrexate and Humira, but the burning continued. By 12/31/18, as fate would have it, I met Dr. Madiha Saeed at a convention that I attended and oh what a blessed day that was!! After one month of going on the diet (as recommended in her book) I saw improvement. With the advice of Dr. Madiha, I went off my meds. At one point my dermatologist was calling me urging me to start Acitretin, but I felt I was on the right path. I felt so conflicted. I went with my gut (no pun intended) and opted out of trying new meds and continued with the diet. By March, 2018, I was 97% cured. Now I am completely cured from all my chronic conditions and in remission so far!!!!!! Of course I'm still on the diet.


I had exhausted all traditional medication tests and treatment for iritis, different area of my body with nerve pain & inflammation of my feet. I really wanted to avoid steroids. Than one day I had been given a chance meeting with Dr. Madiha in a local library and struck up a person-to-person conversation that has lasted into our doctor-to-patient conversation. I have now opened up my body and mind to so many outside the traditional medication treatments that has helped me spread the benefits to my family and friends. My advise to all is to give Dr. Madiha a chance and maybe you and your family can benefit as much as us.


For years, I did not feel right. I knew something was wrong, but could never get to bottom of it. I was tired, I was fatigued, I was prone to getting hives, I suffered from psoriasis and severe dry skin, I had a puffy face, I was losing my hair (alopecia areata), I had anxiety attacks, but most of all, I was simply unhappy. I woke every day feeling overwhelmed and struggled to get out of bed. After years of multiple doctor visits, tests, and dead end results, I finally found a doctor who stopped throwing medications at me and telling me I was “depressed”. I found a doctor who took the time to listen to me, who was willing to run many different blood tests, and ultimately dig deep to get to the root cause of my illness. Dr. Madiha Saeed is my life saver, my provider of health knowledge, and true provider of hope! I dealt with years of misery until November 2015, which is when I first visited Dr. Saeed. With proper lab work addressing deficiencies she was able to help me optimize my health by following a simple nutrition plan that healed me from the inside, without throwing additional medications at me. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and several food sensitivities. My vitamin D levels were dangerously low; I had deficiencies in magnesium, vitamin B, and a leaky gut. By following Dr. Saeed’s nutrition plan, eliminating gluten, grains, dairy, and other triggers, I was able to nearly reverse all symptoms I had suffered from for many years. While I am still on this health journey, I have not felt this alive for nearly 15 years! It takes focus and determination but with the proper knowledge and support from Dr. Saeed, I am confident that anyone can do it. When you feel the results after about 2-3 weeks, you know you have found the right doctor who cares about you and is committed to getting to the root of the problems. I am so very grateful for Dr. Saeed’s determination, compassion, and ongoing support.


When I came to see Dr. Saeed I had been on anti depressants for nearly 30 years and high levels of anxiety and feelings of insecurity were the norm. I had been morbidly obese since the age of 5 having had gastric bypass surgery 8 years previously. The surgery had been successful with a 125 pound weight loss but had I gained back 40 of those pounds. My skin was a mess with a severe case of psoriasis on my feet as well as frequent extremely itchy bumps all over my body but most severely on my feet. It was normal to be walking around on raw bloody feet, and constantly in agony from the itching. My most recent medical development was being diagnosed with ADD as I was extremely unfocused and easily overwhelmed and distracted. Dr. Saeed's first words, "let me tell you what's causing all of these symptoms," astounded me - that one thing could be causing all of these symptoms involving multiple body systems, but she was right. She put me on probiotics and the GAPS diet and I started seeing results almost immediately. The depression and anxiety were greatly improved within the 1st month and I was able to stop taking antidepressants for the first time in nearly 30 years. The horrible distraction and unbearable feelings of insecurity were also greatly improved. I began losing weight w/o really trying for the first time in 55 years! I have continued to lose weight - about 45 pounds in the past year and am now at the lowest weight I've been in about 30 years. While my psoriasis is not completely gone it is much improved and much more comfortable to live with through Dr. Saeed’s helping me to identify my food allergies, detox and using homeopathic treatments. Dr. Saeed has vastly improved my quality of life and I am living a life of health, happiness and energy that I only dreamed of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"After struggling for over 20 years with severe abdominal inflammation, I had booked a ticket to fly to Los Angeles to meet with a Integrative Gastroenterologist. My abdominal inflammation was profound and painful - I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. The last straw was when I was hospitalized twice for abdominal inflammation - they thought I had an obstruction in my intestine track. The results were negative. I was in pain, tired of going to countless Physicians who had no answers. And yet I ate perfectly. One week before my trip, I happened to walk into Dr. Harding's office to pick up some supplements and shared with the staff where I was going. They had informed me that a new physician would be joining the practice (who's specialty is the Gut). As a last resort, I booked an appointment with Dr. Saeed. During our 1st consult, I was so impressed with her. Besides an incredible golden heart, she understood what I was going thru. She held my hand and told me that she can help - no need to travel to LA. After 6 weeks of working with her, my whole body changed. All of my inflammation had gone away. I can't thank Dr. Saeed enough. She is an angel that came into my life and healed me."


Life changing results. Dr. Saeed knew exactly how to start me on my path to better health after discovering I had a very advanced thyroid condition. She also challenged me to research myself, so I truly understood what was going on with my body and what I needed for improvement…. Over time my standard thyroid markers, T3, T4 and TSH have come back into normal range. Further, I have seen my thyroid antibodies go from 2400 IU/ml to the latest of about 400 IU/ml with the goal to get to a normal level under 70 IU/ml. Most importantly many of my negative symptoms have gone away. Dr. Saeed has taken the most comprehensive approach I have ever had with a doctor. I just love her!!


"I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. Following that diagnosis came Hashimoto’s disease, lichen planus, psoriasis, eczema, and suspected Sjogren’s disease...After just six months on the diet I was completely off medication, I had lost weight, and my depression and anxiety had completely disappeared. I felt more like myself than I had in a very long time."


I had been visiting my primary care doctor about several chronic issues regularly. At one of our appointments he suggested that I see Doctor Madiha M. Saeed. a holistic physician. I have to admit that I was hesitant to call for an appointment. I was already seeing a primary care physician. a rheumatologist, a cardiologist. a neurologist. a pulmonologist. a urologist and had just finished 8 weeks with a physical therapist. I thought what more can another physician add to my healthcare plan? One more doctor, one more round of testing, then what, more medications? However. I truly respected my primary care doctor and have always trusted his opinon. There was this little voice in my head that said. "Try it! What do you have to lose-? Best decision I have over made! Tho first time I saw Dr. Saeed we talked for more than an hour. She treated me with respect and was interested in me, the whole me. From the very first appointment Dr. Saced gave me the impression that she was looking at my whole body not just the pieces of me. We talked about the common denominators of many of my chronic illnesses as being inflammation. Dr. Saeed asked me if I would mind if she ran some lab tests? Normally. I would just cringe when a doctor asked to run more tests. but Dr. Saeed spoke to me with such joy and a hopeful attitude that I couldn't help but say yes. During our next appointments, we spoke of the components of Dr.Saeed's plan far me to heal and prevent further escalation of my chronic diseases. Dr Saeed presented me with a chart that revolved around inflammation and the many causes of inflammation. She correlated the symptoms that I had with the results from the earlier testing. We talked about all of the components of inflammation in direct elationship to my illness. Best of all, Dr. Sneed gave me a plan. A plan that was workable and custom made for me. I completety trust Dr. Saeed. I appreciate her joyful approach to medicine. I am healthier because of her. I am better prepared to fight my inflammation with a better nutritional plan, and correctly chosen supplements. I encourage you to read Dr. Saeed's book, to check out her website to listen to her Facebook Live posts. Your health depends on it.


I think Holistic Mom M.D is great! The approach she takes to helping heal the WHOLE body works! In just two weeks, I've seen even the most common symptoms I've dealt with daily diminish almost completely! I'm feeling better with each passing day but it does take work on the end of the patient. If you want to see change, you can't wait for someone else to do it!