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Who Is HolisticMom, MD
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My Story

Enslaved to Empowered

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I suffered from autoimmune diseases, joint pain, acne, eczema, weight issues, digestive issues, severe fatigue… Then I found the power of a healthy lifestyle to heal my life! 

As a board certified family physician, international speaker, best-selling author AND a mother of four— I educate and empower families to take charge of their health to ignite a healing revolution!
If I can do it, You can too!

My Approach

Easy, Cost and Time Effective Lifestyle Solutions to Empower Your Family’s Health

Live a Pure Life
Target the Root Cause
Calm Inflammation
Heal and Prevent Chronic Conditions in All Ages
Empower Our Future

Best-Selling Author

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The Holistic Kids' Show

The Holistic Kids, Abdullah, Zain, Emaad and Qasim are kids on a mission–to empower and educate kids from the inside out. They have spent most of their lives working with their mom (HolisticMom, MD, a best selling author of The Holistic Rx) empowering families all over the world.

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How to unlock the secrets for optimal health using Quaranic evidence!