Kids’ Health Empowerment Videos

Join Abdullah, Zain, Emaad and Qasim Dr. Saeed’s children) as they educate those around them about the power of a healthy lifestyle and empowering families to get back in the driver seat of their health. If children can do it, we can too! Let’s protect what matters most!

(video 1 in series of 6… watch for more coming soon!)

Meal Planner and Shopping List for Real Healing for Real Life

As mom’s, life gets crazy…and that’s an understatement! After 1000s of patients and walking the walk with a busy life—I have put together a sample healing day, 25 of my favorite healing recipes that work in my house, what I feed my family and a shopping list! These tools will help you get started today!

White Board Animation Videos

My Illustrated Guide to Healing Chronic Disease from the Inside Out! 

(video 1 in a series of 6… watch for more coming soon…)

Eat to Heal, thrive, and triumph.

Eat to Heal, thrive, and triumph. Check this Healing Pyramid. Healing foods is power information that really talks to our genes giving us the ability to take back our health.

The Healing Home, keep the intruders out of your home to heal.

The Healing Home, keep the intruders out of your home to heal. We are constantly been bombarded with toxins in all directions including our home.

Relaxation, can heal stress.

Relaxation, can heal stress. Stress is involved in 80% of patients complains. Stress can increase the risk of diabetes obesity heart disease dementia and even cancer. 

Love and Positive Thinking

Did you know love and positive thinking can actually heal us from the inside out? Social health and spirituality can lower inflammation and even reduce chronic symptoms.

Lower Inflammation in Your Sleep!

Did you know sleep is critical in lowering inflammation, toxins and balancing hormones? Getting enough sleep is critical to optimizing your health. 

Kids Teaching Kids... Healthy Fats.

Healthy fat sources are critical to a well-balanced diet. This clip features Dr. Madiha’s child naming 3 healthy fat sources.

Snack Time!

Join my kids for snack time! Suggestions to keep your gut healthy with vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. 

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

Join me as I share some alarming statistics about chronic disease and what you can do to take your health into your own hands.

What's In Your Lunch?

In this video, my son prepares his lunch for the day. He knows to include an item from each food group for a healthy and nutritious lunch.

Stay Healthy with these Daily Drinks...

In this clip, my son lists 3 of the most important drinks to ingest daily. These 3 drinks include, filtered water, bone broth and a green smoothie. Try your best to incorporate them into each day!

We LOVE the Rainbow Diet

In this video, my 3 sons enjoy singing, dancing, and sharing some of their favorite fruits and vegetables. They are very enthusiastic about eating the rainbow diet. It keeps them healthy AND happy.


Too many kids are pre-diabetic. In this video, my son offers 2 crucial tips to keeping your kids healthy.


Deep breathing is a helpful technique.  You will find it to be relaxing and meditative. In this video, my son does a quick demonstration.


Detox your body! In this video, my son offers some great tips to detoxing your body naturally. To quote my son, “Remove the bad stuff and take in the good stuff”.

Breakfast Part 1

I have found, that children enjoy their food even more when they have participated in cooking it themselves! In this video, my 3 sons prepare one of their favorite breakfasts, banana waffles.

Breakfast Part 2

In this video, we get to see my sons’ hard work in the kitchen come to fruition. Their banana waffles look delicious and are a healthy morning (or evening) meal!

What Are Your Favorite Foods?

What are your favorite foods to eat? Enjoy this video of my boys sharing their food favorites!

Fire In Your Gut?

How do you put out the fire in your gut? Take a quick lesson from my little one!

The Healing Pyramid

Do you follow the food healing pyramid? Enjoy this video of my little one going over the food pyramid and sharing some of his favorite foods!

Factors of inflammation by Emaad

What are the factors of inflammation? My son Emaad shares the answer in this quick video!

The Healing Plate

What makes up a healthy healing plate? Have a look and listen as my youngest shares the answer!

Homemade Banana Waffles

In this video, my son puts the final touches on his homemade banana waffle. My kids really enjoy cooking. It makes their food taste that much yummier!

Inflammation is Bad

Inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases. Watch as my son is frightened by the inflammation monster!

Sleep Heals!

Sleep Heals! My sons share a cuddle and some quick information.

Our Health and Our Gut

Why are some people healthy while others are not? Enjoy this video of my son explaining the answer to this and other questions all leading back to our gut.

Factors of Inflammation

What causes inflammation inside of your body? Have a listen to the 7 key causes of inflammation.

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