I have been there.

Overwhelmed with what is out there, confused on where to start and what will work with your real life?

Have no fear, I’m here to your rescue (cue headscarf wearing super hero…lol)! Yay!!! I have put together resources and tools that work in my life to help make the road to health and healing easier.

Opt in and get ready to have some fun! I promise to keep it fun and super cute!!!

What Does Your Healing Day Look Like?

Our children are our future. Every step we take, every bite we eat, every action in our daily lives has the potential to affect our health—starting from the very young. Educating and empowering the future generation about health and wellbeing, and the importance of their everyday decisions can create a ripple that has the potential to change their world—inside out!

In My Healing Day, join Adam as he educates his classmates (and his teacher) about the power of a healthy lifestyle. Step by step, Adam shares what he does to keep his body healthy and optimize healing, creating a lasting impression to those around him. 

Kids’ Health Empowerment Videos

Join Abdullah, Zain, Emaad and Qasim Dr. Saeed’s children) as they educate those around them about the power of a healthy lifestyle and empowering families to get back in the driver seat of their health. If children can do it, we can too! Let’s protect what matters most!

For Moms

As mom’s, life gets crazy…and that’s an understatement! After 1000s of patients and walking the walk with a busy life—I have put together a sample healing day, 25 of my favorite healing recipes that work in my house, what I feed my family and a shopping list! These tools will help you get started today!

For Muslim Moms

A halal (lawful) and tayyib (pure) lifestyle heals chronic illness from the inside out! Why is it important to live a halal and tayyib lifestyle?



​Discover The Family Meal Plan Designed To Balance Your Blood Sugar, Reduce Harmful Gut Inflammation and Promote Healing