Are We Dealing with an Epidemic?

We are dealing with an epidemic….

Chronic disease is slowing us down. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, about half of all adults in the United States have at least one noncommunicable chronic health condition, while a third have two or more, and the numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate. Learn how we can get back in charge of our health and put a stop to chronic disease in all ages.

I suffered and suffered and suffered, until I was sick and tired of suffering!

Sound familiar anyone? Raise your hand if you have?

We are dealing with an epidemic…now no don’t look away…we need to face reality….No seriously come back…this is so serious…it could affect how you perform in bed! What? Do I have your attention now?

Chronic disease is slowing us down; not only in the bedroom, everywhere. Chronic disease is affecting everyone!Tweet this!

What’s even scarier is that the rise of chronic illness is also affecting our children. They say if we continue on the current trajectory, one in every 4 children will have autism by 2033; that is if we continue on the current growth rate of 13%! Isn’t that crazy… but it also affecting sperm count! A study reported in 2017 noted that sperm count has plummeted in Western Men.

The analysis found an overall 52.4 percent decline in sperm concentration and a 59.3 percent decline in the total sperm count over the 39-year period….Now what do you think of your manhood now?… so yes, everything I am saying also pertains to you also, our world literally depends on it. Do we need to get back the superheroes to save humanity?

When the dark cloud of chronic disease brings despair, most people turn to your doctor for salvation.

Conventional western medicine works phenomenally well for acute care but, sadly, has its limits when it comes to chronic illnesses.Tweet this!

In reality, instead of addressing the root causes of chronic diseases, doctors may “Band-Aid” the problem by prescribing medications that come with their own sets of side effects and complications.

They stamp you with a lifelong diagnosis, offering very little hope of healing or lifestyle advice. Suddenly, the life that was once yours has now been taken over by your chronic conditions, your doctor, and the pharmaceutical and insurance companies! In your quest to take back the reins of your health, here you are, hopefully that’s why you are here…now get your hands out of your pants because its seriously time to take back the reins!

How? Next time we discuss chronic disease and its link to inflammation.

Are you dealing with a Chronic Disease?

You are just going to need to wait and read more of what I’ll post for you during the month of November and December.

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