Don’t Eat, Swallow, Breath or Come in Contact with these!

Did you know your BODY is constantly under attack? (Yes, I know, with work and an endless stream of personal obligations, you’re already under attack… not to mention your spouse and children…) But if that wasn’t enough stress to crush you, your BODY is CONSTANTLY being bombarded with TOXINS!  From the air we breathe to the water we drink, it’s fending off toxins left and right like Wonder Woman with her silver gauntlets.

Well, if that wasn’t enough stress, our bodies are being bombarded in all directions from TOXINS!

TOXINS (eaten, swallowed, breathed in, or in contact with your skin) can illicit an inflammatory response as your body sees it as foreign or dangerous.

We are exposed to more and more chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, and radiation than ever before—with more than 100,000 new chemicals in the past few years slowly penetrating our everyday lives.

Liver ToxinsOur bodies are not meant to handle the enormous amount of artificial pollutants we are exposed to daily inside and out.

But don’t worry, everything passes through security—the liver, your body’s main detoxifying organ. Yay! Liver! I never thought I would ever be cheering for my liver. I give you hope!

The liver…

  • It is the integral component of detoxifying the body.
  • It changes nutrients into a more usable form that can be utilized by your cells, filters out and removes cholesterol and lipoproteins.
  • Metabolizes (breaks down and builds) many biological molecules, stores vitamins and iron.
  • Excretes or detoxifies the compounds and toxins it comes across,
  • Destroys old blood cells, produces bile.
  • Removes spent hormones, shipping them off to the large intestine, kidney, skin, and lungs in order to leave the body.

If the liver does not have the ability to detoxify or metabolize a particular compound, it will store it locally, holding on to the toxic material the body should be eliminating.

In small amounts, toxins are harmless, as your body can take care of the threat easily. But the slow, hidden, cumulative overload from food or chemicals can directly damage your cells down to the mitochondria – that’s the energy maker of the cell that produces fuel for all our cellular functions, even for that “quickie.”

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Liver Toxins

Well, it can make it especially difficult to lose weight, damages metabolism, and disrupts the liver’s ability to detoxify, worsening inflammation. It’s scary stuff because these toxins lower immunity, increasing the vulnerability to autoimmunity, cancer, and blood sugar issues; they make the body numb to insulin and leptin, increasing insulin resistance, preventing one from losing weight, and leading to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Toxins also affect our epigenetics, and inflame the gut, leading to leaky gut.

But there is hope; you don’t have live in the closet…

In order to deal with the toxic overload, you must:

  1. Avoid toxic exposures by first identifying where the toxins are,
  2. Support your body’s natural ability to detoxify by
  • Keeping fluids moving.
  • Eating to detoxify.
  • Swapping out toxic for clean food.

All of which will help you to lower inflammation, helping you become more resilient to the world around you.


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Taking Your Life Back,

Madiha Saeed, MD ABIHM

Holistic Mom, MD

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