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The Microbiome!

I have a huge secret!!! Humans are actually super organisms; we are made up of our own cells plus a huge number of microbes that live on and inside us. In fact, our human cells are outnumbered by one hundred trillion microbes.

We are a complex blend of genetic traits from human and microbial cells. Tweet this!

Microbial balance and biodiversity is the key to optimal health and well-being.

The unique composition of good bugs (mutualists), bad bugs (pathogens), and neutral bugs (commensals) that contain viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths (multicellular parasitic organisms), and micro-fungi are involved in most, if not all, biological processes that constitute human health and disease by directly affecting our epigenetics and our immune system.

The gut bacteria help to digest multiple nutrients, balance intestinal pH, synthesize hormones and vitamins and even protects the gut. The gut bacteria interact with the innate and adaptive immune systems, influence the T cells and help fight off colds and infections and even break down bacterial toxins. Intestinal bacteria help extract energy and harvest calories from undigested food, as it passes thought the digestive system, produce vitamins, increase absorption or minerals, breakdown, and rebuild hormones, to help maintain a healthy metabolism and weight.


The absence of healthy gut bacteria alters genes and signal pathways and influence cellular functions. Tweet this!

The gut microbiome helps to shape your brain, mood and behavior, as it contains all the same neurotransmitters found in the brain.

Lowering the bacterial richness leads to higher weight, fat, high cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin resistance, and more pronounced inflammatory markers and a higher likelihood of a leaky gut as compared to those with higher bacterial richness.

A study of an Amazonian indigenous tribe free of chronic illness revealed the most diverse number of microbes ever documented in humans.

With trillions of tiny organisms inhabiting our bodies and influencing everything down to the expression of our genetic code, it is empowering to think that every bite of food, every interaction with our environment, and every lifestyle choice creates a ripple effect that reaches into the microbiome.

Actually this is a secret we shouldn’t keep…go out now and tell the world, that we are not the only ones in change…it’s important to keep our gut healthy to keep us healthy.

The Microbiome!

Improving your digestive health is an essential way to overcome inflammation and chronic disease, so this is the foundation of The Holistic Rx

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Taking Your Life Back,

Madiha Saeed, MD ABIHM

Holistic Mom, MD

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I am a practicing family physician and an integrative holistic family physician, in Illinois!My book “The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease” was #1 new release in 4 categories and a best seller on Amazon, all before the official launch.The book has since been picked up by medical schools. We are changing the face of medicine!!!I’m the director of education at Documenting Hope - a national organization dedicated to heal chronic disease in children, a writer for Holistic Primary Care and a proud mother of 4 holistically-raised boys (who share their healthy habits on YouTube). On social media I'm HolisticMomMD . I speak nation wide igniting the world with my energy and passion to start a healing revolution! I have appeared on the Thriving Child Summit and I am the featured speaker for many more summits including the Shift Network's Winter of Wellness 2018 Summit – the most prestigious holistic online event ( I will be the featured guest on multiple episodes of the Emmy nominated medical lifestyle show Ask Dr. Nandi speaking on parenting and healing chronic illness.

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