Swap Toxic for Clean!

Swap Toxic for Clean!

Swap Toxic For Clean; OUT with the Old and IN with the New! And no, I’m not talking about clothes, husbands or accessories, lol.

I am talking about removing all the bad stuff in the environment that you actually have control in, your house.

Seriously, because we can’t change our outside environment, we should concentrate on changing out our internal environment as we talked about before and control our homes, that we do have control over…well most of the time. Start with one thing and swap out toxic for clean.

How do you swap out toxic for clean?Tweet this!

Swap Toxic for Clean!It’s easy; you just have to think- GREEN– not Mr. Green! Lol!

Decorate your home with house plants. Plants like spider plants and aloe Vera all help to detoxify- see GREEN!

  • Switch out your chemical cleaners with natural nontoxic or “green” household cleaners, including soaps and dishwashing detergents. GREEN!
  • Change all your laundry detergent to a nontoxic and green cleaner, and avoid fabric softeners, and for your skin use organic, gluten free no allergenic skin-care, cosmetics, and feminine hygiene products and cosmetics with no preservatives. GREEN!
  • Over time, replace synthetic carpets, rugs, window treatments, furniture cloth, or bedding with natural, untreated fibers like wool, bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp, I know I am still working on that. Avoid flame retardants. GREEN!
  • Paint with a low- or no-VOC for indoor surfaces, and say no to air fresheners. GREEN!
  • Clean heating systems. GREEN!
  • Don’t spray pesticides around or in your home. GREEN!
  • In the Kitchen: change the cookware. Better choices are pots and pans made of glass, ceramic, non-coated stainless steel, or cast iron and ditch the plastic and limit cans. Store everything in glass or ceramic containers. Avoid cling wrap because they usually contains PVC, so using unbleached parchment paper is important. Canned items mostly contain BPA, so make sure to look for the label that notes specifically BPA free. GREEN!
  • In the Bathroom: Use natural soaps, change your vinyl shower curtains that release PVCs to PVC free material, I use cloth liners. GREEN!
  • Drink filtered water, drink them from glass bottles whenever possible. Look for a biological dentist who looks like Mr. GREEN, but they will limit your toxin exposure when working on your mouth. GREEN!

Swap Toxic for Clean!

  • EMFs – big new topic. Avoid simply turn off the TV router at night, never carry a cell phone on your body, switch it to airplane mode anytime you can (especially at night) and use the speaker or headsets at all times. GREEN!

Always be cautious of mold.Tweet this!

  • Mold is most common in damp and humid areas like the bathroom and basement, especially in older homes and in homes with basements, known leaks, crawl spaces, flat roofs, and those built on a hillside. Symptoms may be depression and other mood disorders, ADHD, skin rashes, headaches, autoimmunity, sleep issues, fibromyalgia, or fatigue. If we see green it’s a problem. GREEN!

Remember to detoxify your whole self, optimizing digestive health, eating anti-inflammatory nutritious food, reducing stress with relaxation, and improving sleep.

Detoxify your social lives, and your soul by practicing forgiveness and meditation; all key in healing.

Don’t spend your time worrying about what you can’t control. Just by optimizing gut health, eating to heal, and limiting these toxins, you allow your body to be well prepared when toxins do enter.

You can do this! So just think GREEN!

Swap Toxic for Clean!

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Taking Your Life Back,

Madiha Saeed, MD ABIHM

Holistic Mom, MD

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