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Protein Power!

Protein Power …

Did you know your body needs protein to heal? Protein is crucial for the immune system, appetite control, and muscle synthesis. Protein ensures that your gut lining will be appropriately constructed and that there will be enough building materials for enzymes.

Studies show that inflammation decreased in people who added lean meats instead of carbohydrates in their diets. Tweet this!

Your body needs about 80 to 120 g of clean protein per day (depending on your age, body composition, and activity level), and it is essential to get protein at every meal and snack—whether it is from a vegetarian or animal source.

Protein Power!Eating protein increases your metabolic fire and ability to burn calories while reducing your appetite, helping you feel full. After the vegetables, make room for about 4–6 oz. of protein per meal, but everyone is different.

If you feel fatigued or are exercising, you may need to eat more protein.

The quality of the protein is more important than the quantity. Choose clean protein.Tweet this!


Small wild-caught fish are highly nutrient dense and are great sources of omega 3s, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Consume smallish fish, wild or sustainably raised cold-water fish, including wild salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, small halibut, anchovies, and sable (black cod).


Look for animal products that are pasture raised, eating non GMO feed and antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide free. Pasture raised poultry have more EFAs.


Eggs are an excellent source of choline that is needed for brain health and detoxification. They are also full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamin D. Eggs protect against heart disease.


Meat has always been a gray area, with research on both sides of the spectrum. But one thing is for certain, we need to focus on the quality. Grain-fed animals are more inflammatory to humans. Meat from grass-fed animals is full of micronutrients; make sure the meat that you are eating is grass-fed and grass-finished.

Vegetarian option:

Hemp seed protein and chia protein power. Pea protein powder, lentils, and beans are also great if you can tolerate them.

Protein powders:

There are numerous protein powders on the market. Opt for the least ingredients as possible. Beside the ones I listed above, egg protein powder, collagen or beef gelatin powder, and hydrolyzed beef protein are great sources and will help heal gut lining.

Protein Power

Note: If you can’t eat clean, eat lean protein like beef sirloin, turkey or chicken breast, avoiding the cuts of meat with lots of fat and ground beef. Avoid pork as it harbors viruses and parasites, and processed meat like ham, bacon, and sausage can lead to increased risk of cancer.

So remember quality over quantity. A little goes a long way…

But you can still admire my muscles… they are here somewhere…lol! …Nope the kids destroyed them!

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