My Granola Recipe (Part I)

Hi, everybody!

This is Dr. Madiha Saeed, board certified integrative holistic family physician.

I’m coming to you from home. I came back after work and did some grocery shopping today. I bought lots of seeds and I noticed my cereal was running low. So, I’m like, you know what? I should be recording this stuff so you guys know exactly what to eat and how I make my granola. it’s simple!

Here is My Granola Recipe

The way that I make cereal is I combine nuts and seeds. My kids can’t have nuts at school, so I combine all the seeds. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, coconut flakes, and I combine them. I toss them with honey, some coconut oil, cinnamon, and vanilla.

I just toss them all together. Here, this is what the cereal looks like. What I did is I tossed it up, and then what I’ll do is pull out this bottom tray. I just combined these ingredients, and now I’m just going to keep on flipping it just so they’re a little nice and toasty.

And really, there was no ingredients. I just sort of guessed on the measurements. I just eye-balled it and how much sweetness I wanted. To make sure that all of it is nice and toasty, I did it on some unbleached parchment paper. That is key to make sure that we keep the toxins as low as possible.

I also bought freeze-dried berries that you can stick inside of it. We have freeze-dried blueberries and freeze-dried strawberries. And all of that can be added on top of your granola cereal. So, that is the kind of stuff … Well, on top of the cereal and the granola, you can add almond milk to this granola. Homemade almond milk is the best. You can also add coconut milk … I love … love, love, love, love it with coconut milk, specifically canned coconut milk. Remember, make sure it’s BPA-free and organic.

So that’s the kind of stuff that is so super easy, and it’s a quick breakfast. Because again, my life is a little crazy, just like yours is. These are things that you can quickly add to your meals that you can just satisfy yourself. Because remember, this is all healthy fat, so a little goes a long way. If you guys have any questions about this recipe, I’ll go ahead and post it on my Facebook page, and I’ll even show you pictures of when it comes out nice and crumbly and delicious. This way is so easy, and literally, I have like the easiest cereal for weeks to come. How easy and delicious is that? I’ll see you guys later. Thanks for tuning in. Muah! Bye.

Thank you, guys.

Madiha Saeed, MD ABIHM
Holistic Mom, MD

PS:  “What we put in our mouths can either help us or heal us, improving or activating our immune system.”  From The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease.



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