Let’s Talk About the “V” Word- Veggies!


The horror word that makes us all feel-like we are imprisoned in a dietary prison (popular definition).

Veggies create tears in everyone’s eyes at the dinner table and are constantly being recalled! STOP!

Chocolate cake never gets recalled right…so veggies must be bad news, right?

Sadly, during 2007–2010, of the total U.S. population:

  • 50% consumed less than 1 cup of fruit daily.
  • 50% consumed less than 1.5 cup of vegetables daily.
  • 76% did not meet fruit intake recommendations.
  • 87% did not meet vegetable intake recommendations.

Let's Talk About the "V" Word- Veggies!But did you know our bodies NEED veggies as they keep your body:

  • Alkaline
  • Optimize Detoxification
  • Reduce Inflammation.

We need to make a change. I know you might hate me right now, but your body needs you to make up with veggies so it can start caring for you the right way.

Well I know that is easier said than done, but remember whenever you feel hungry you need to go down a list. Eat veggies, protein and healthy fat.

Start by eating the colors of the rainbow…and no I’m not talking about rainbow colored cereal…that’s not food. Tweet this!

Eat local, whole organic vegetables when possible—the whole plant is full of vital nutrients. These can be eaten raw, cooked, cultured, juiced, or in soups and stews. Keep skin and peels of fruits and vegetables on, as they are a great source of bitters. Bitters are highly nutritious; they regulate your appetite and affect fat storage and insulin release, control blood sugar levels (even in diabetes), optimize wound healing, improve detoxification, and overall improve inflammation.

Veggies are so good for you, especially with lowering inflammation and helping you detoxify; prebiotic foods like onions and asparagus. Prebiotic foods help to soothe inflamed tissues, protect against further inflammation and help detoxify. Probiotic veggies like sauerkraut to nourish the gut and mushrooms that balance the microbiome, help detoxification, destroy cancer cells, protect the heart, lower blood sugar, and provide antifungal and antiviral benefits.

Remember start with anything your family would choose to eat. Tweet this!

How I sneak veggies in all their foods (especially the kids’)?

Let's Talk About the "V" Word- Veggies!

Actually we have made a habit of eating sauerkraut every morning. They eat carrots, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, sugar snap peas or even broccoli for school lunch and dinner, I will always do a side of veggies and even sneak it into their protein, like today I am going to limit the meat in the chili and add more veggies… I’m sneaky! But the kids love it!

I promise you will love them as well because right now your body is stuck in a prison of deficiencies but imagine how you will feel once your body gets exactly the nutrients it needs from veggies? You will be unstoppable!

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Taking Your Life Back,

Madiha Saeed, MD ABIHM

Holistic Mom, MD

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