HolisticMom, MD

Being a board certified family practice doctor, I THRIVE on developing lasting relationships and treating the WHOLE FAMILY at any age. I have the capability of managing all spectrums of disease/ condition/symptoms and have the full knowledge of knowing when to refer patients to specialists only when necessary.

How I Practice-Helping You Take Charge of Your Health!

As an integrative holistic family practice doctor means I use all my medical skills but with a heart, compassion and a sense of connection with nature and spirit. Here, we can combine multiple therapies, with the goal of enhancing the patient’s optimal health as a whole person-body, mind and spirit. We prevent and treat disease by addressing contributing factors, not just by throwing unnecessary medications at you, focusing mainly on prevention.

Studies show that about 80% of all chronic illness visits to primary care practitioners are stress related. Evidence based studies have shown the true healing power of connection, as all have shown to decrease stress. Our practice places a huge emphasis on developing a real connection with the patient by getting a sense of you, your life and your goals.

With stress reduction and lifestyle medicine, we seek to restore the mental, physical, hormonal, psychosocial and spiritual imbalances that may be resulting in conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight problems, fatigue, muscle aches, and other conditions that could be affecting health and wellness. We also offer natural remedies, homeopathy, relaxation training, nutrition counseling, supplements, and exercise to treat a variety of conditions. Instead of treating a particular disease, we address each patient individually.

A Typical Appointment

A typical appointment is begun with smiles, laughter and then a full, in depth assessment of your health history, family history, lifestyle, diet, occupation, relationships, exercise and sleep habits. Then treatments are individualized and take into account your desires and preferences.

Through attentive and individualized advice and support, we cultivate personal relationships by listening to your needs and concerns and providing you with the information and tools to make an informed decision about your health and well-being. Together we develop a negotiated medical treatment and lifestyle medicine action plan that will inspire and encourage you towards positive behavior change. All questions are more than welcomed and will be answered in as much detail as you would like. Alternative treatments can be discussed, as I am certified in homeopathy and in integrative holistic medicine. This evidence based approach results in better outcomes than traditional models of care!

What Else To Expect

The first appointment usually lasts about 60 min. After that appointment, I request a fasting lab draw that be done before the second appointment (about 30 min), where we discuss the labs and a plan of action towards healing and thriving!

I Promise To Be Your Cheerleader Along The Way! Together, Anything is Possible!

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