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10 Labs to Help You Solve Your and Your Child’s Puzzle

10 Labs to Help You Solve Your and Your Child’s Puzzle!

10 Labs to Help You Solve Your and Your Child’s Puzzle! I love puzzles! There’s something about looking for clues and pieces that fit together uniquely to create a beautiful picture, making it all worth it at the end. So exciting!!! Same goes for the health of our families. Besides a physical examination and labs […]

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How to Take Your Life Back from the CHD Disease?

Let’s now talk about the elephant in the room…worse yet, let’s talk about if the elephant CHD ends up standing on your chest! A pain like no other that radiates down your arm your life flashing before your eyes. If you are lucky enough to survive it…it can change your life. You have the power […]

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Taking Your Life Back From Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris.

A room of thousands. All eyes on one. Her smile could be seen from miles away; her energy was… refreshing! She was hiding a deep pain. “My body burns!” The speaker said, as she moved on to talk about the importance of gratitude. Her words echoed to my ears, traveled down to my heart, yearning […]

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Dr. Madiha Scleroderma

Taking Your Life Back From Scleroderma

Tightening. Imagine tightening of the blood vessels, skin, muscles and internal organs. Now get your mind out of the gutter, because I’m not talking about that “excited” organ. Scleroderma is less than exciting, as it creates tightening and thickening of the skin, heartburn and even an exaggerated response to the cold (Raynaud’s disease).  Conventional medicine […]

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Dr. Madiha Sjogren's

Taking Your Life Back From Sjogrens Disease

Hopeless. Without hope, life is like a journey through the desert. Eye feel full of sand. Itching, gritty, burning. As you walk, your mouth dries out. Mouth feels like it is full of cotton. Can’t swallow, can’t speak. As you walk, your joints hurt, skin burns you become tired. The life of Sjogren’s. But not […]

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Dr. Madiha Type 1 Diabetes

Nip Diabetes in the bud?

Her clothes conceal a secret. She is counting carbs, new technologies, obsessed with insulin and constant finger pricks. That simple prick feeling like daggers through a parent’s chest. What has happened to their baby? Once free to live worry free, now chained to her monitor, chasing highs and lows. Diabetes has taken over your little […]

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Dr. Madiha Celiac

Taking Your Life Back From Celiac Disease.

You have the power to get back in charge of your own health! (Taking Your Life Back From Celiac Disease.) Check out all the tools in your tool-belt! I always start with lifestyle tips and a baseline set of labs that you can ask your doctor: Complete blood panel (CBC), complete metabolic panel (CMP), thyroid […]

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Dr. Madiha Graves Disease

Taking Your Life Back From Graves’ Disease.

Trapped. Life has put in a glass jar turned upside down, no way out. You can hear your heart race, pounding out of your chest, every beat painful…thump, thump, thump. This can’t be for real? You use all your strength trying to get out and escape, climbing up the sides, not once, but over and […]

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Dr. Madiha Hashimotos

Taking Your Life Back From Hashimoto’s.

Trying to get through the day, I stopped living life. Living through the thought of tomorrow, not living, just waiting, what am I waiting for, why won’t my legs move, why am I always cold? Always thirsty, always peeing, but never going number 2, gaining weight without a reason? Every minute feels like an hour, […]

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Dr. Madiha Multiple Sclerosis

Taking Your Life Back From Multiple Sclerosis.

Meet Sarah. Sarah had battle scars, but ones that were invisible to the naked eye. The battle scars on her nervous system had the ability to wrech havoc her body and mind, but not her spirit. She didn’t know she was that strong until being strong was the only choice she had. She knew that […]

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