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Kids running to catch school buss , husbands, mother in laws, getting the kids to school on time and a poop mural on the wall all have in common? Stress!!!

They Don’t Teach You Stress Management in School!

They Don’t Teach You Stress Management in School! What do kids, husbands, mother in laws, getting the kids to school on time and a poop mural on the wall all have in common? Stress!!! When I was a new mom, new wife, new resident, I got sick because of stress, and everyone told me that, […]

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Toxins Are Here, There and EVERYWHERE!

We are all under attack! Should we really need to worry about toxins? The answer is simple- YES!!! We need to wake up to the reality that we are seriously under attack- our families, our children, our homes… we are getting sicker under our very roofs! Isn’t that crazy? Toxins are all around us. But […]

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Don’t Eat, Swallow, Breath or Come in Contact with these!

Did you know your BODY is constantly under attack? (Yes, I know, with work and an endless stream of personal obligations, you’re already under attack… not to mention your spouse and children…) But if that wasn’t enough stress to crush you, your BODY is CONSTANTLY being bombarded with TOXINS!  From the air we breathe to the water […]

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Healthy Fat! You Heard Right!

Now let’s talk about Healthy FAT! Don’t shy away, fats can be healthy. Fats have gotten bad press, but did you know they are actually a key in lowering inflammation and helping people to lose weight. I know it’s crazy, right? Over the last couple of years, the truth is finally coming to the surface. […]

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Protein Power

Protein Power!

Protein Power … Did you know your body needs protein to heal? Protein is crucial for the immune system, appetite control, and muscle synthesis. Protein ensures that your gut lining will be appropriately constructed and that there will be enough building materials for enzymes. Studies show that inflammation decreased in people who added lean meats […]

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Let’s Talk About the “V” Word- Veggies!

Veggies! The horror word that makes us all feel-like we are imprisoned in a dietary prison (popular definition). Veggies create tears in everyone’s eyes at the dinner table and are constantly being recalled! STOP! Chocolate cake never gets recalled right…so veggies must be bad news, right? Sadly, during 2007–2010, of the total U.S. population: 50% […]

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Nutrition-the Healing Pyramid. Food is Power.

Nutrition – The Healing Pyramid!

Last month we talked about 50 shades of a headscarf! The topic was around food and insulin resistance. Let’s quickly recap! Food is power, and it’s information that influences the expression of your genes, it literally talks to your genes! Healing food gives us the ability to take back control of our health. Everyone is […]

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Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

What are Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut Syndrome?

What are Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut Syndrome? Eat for Success! When it comes to insulin resistance, there is so much good news! We can prevent it and treat it!! Yay!!! How? What is causing Insulin Resistance to begin? – Tweet this! Food is a big factor. Dietary sugars and refined flours are the biggest triggers […]

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1 in 3 Americans Has Pre-Diabetes!

1 in 3 Americans Has Pre-Diabetes! Our lives are crazy enough! Did you know the underlying fire in your bodies’ is actually leading to more craziness in your home? You thought it was your mother in law, nope, well maybe. What is really affecting your families? Could it be insulin resistance or pre-diabetes? According to […]

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Blood Sugar Imbalance

This Is Not Just Men PMS!

Are you tired, irritable, cranky, tantrum…no it’s just not Men PMS. It’s actually something deeper. It could be due to a blood sugar imbalance. Confused? Let me explain. Blood sugar imbalance starts when we take that bite of food. It enters our bloodstream after being absorbed by our digestive system. The glucose in our body […]

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