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Superhero kid

The Microscopic Organ That Secretly Controls Your Child’s World!

While your child may pretend he’s a superhero, did you know that he is actually a super-organism? That’s right—human beings are super-organisms, made up of a complex blend of genetic traits from human and microbial cells that control and influence our world. Our 10 trillion human cells are outnumbered by 100 trillion microbes—that’s about 3.5 to 4.5 pounds […]

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What is your child’s poop telling you?

What Your Child’s Poop Is Telling You?

Isn’t it funny how one word can cause a whole room of children, and sometimes adults, to burst into laughter? That word, (OK, I’m going to say it, so hold on tight!)…POOP! Have you gathered yourself? Now seriously, poop is huge. What your poop looks like is an important clue to determine what is going […]

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Five Steps to Tame the Sugar Monster Within.

With sugar all around us, part of our everyday life and celebrations, it is really hard to avoid it. It’s important to remember that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. As a mother of four children under 8, I understand how easy it is to cave in to your children’s demands for sugar. […]

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little female child holding big cola soda bottle looking vulnerable in children sugar addiction

The Dark Side of Sugar.

We are under attack! Take cover! Our lives are being hijacked! From what you say? Sugar! Think about the ways that sugar creeps into every corner of our lives: From frosted breakfast cereal to lollipop rewards at the doctor’s office. And then the parties, holidays and celebrations! The cake, candy, cookies, ice cream and the […]

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