Blood Sugar Imbalance

This Is Not Just Men PMS!

Are you tired, irritable, cranky, tantrum…no it’s just not Men PMS. It’s actually something deeper. It could be due to a blood sugar imbalance. Confused? Let me explain.

Blood sugar imbalance starts when we take that bite of food. It enters our bloodstream after being absorbed by our digestive system. The glucose in our body is needed for the cells for energy and fuel.

Blood sugar imbalance Glucose can only enter the cells with a key; insulin.Tweet this!

Insulin is a storage hormone produced by the pancreas; it is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels and determines our metabolism.

Over time, the flood of inflammatory signals starts to wear down this “key” as the body stops listening to the insulin that is always present, until it stops working and the cells stop opening their doors to insulin, unable to absorb glucose adequately.

This leads to insulin resistance. Tweet this!

In order to keep the glucose levels in a healthy range, the pancreatic beta cells start producing even more insulin. Over time the beta cells can’t keep up with the body’s increased demand for insulin, leading to excess glucose in the bloodstream, a state that makes the body uncomfortable.

Prolonged states of insulin resistance can result in increased insulin levels that can lead to fat storage, obesity, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, diabetes, premature aging, and inflammation, aggravating many other serious disorders.

Managing insulin resistance is critical to heal balance hormones, and prevent chronic disease.

Blood Sugar Imbalance

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