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Are you on Fire?

The underlying root cause of chronic disease is inflammation. Learn the facts of what it is and how to target it.

Yay! You are back! Well wait…actually run!!!! There is a fire!!! No literally, there is a fire is within you! Let me explain! Let’s talk inflammation!

Inflammation actually means “fire inside,” and it’s something we’re all familiar with—a hot, fierce, lifesaving reaction that occurs when your body’s immune system tries to fight off infections, help heal injuries, or protect you from disease.

There are two forms of inflammation: acute and chronic.Tweet this!

  • Acute inflammation (or good inflammation) lasts for a short time, from a few seconds to several days. It serves a healthy purpose and is beneficial.
  • Chronic inflammation (or bad inflammation, sometimes referred to as systemic inflammation), on the other hand, gradually destroys the magnificent masterpiece that we were born with.

It is a hidden, smoldering, painless fire created by your immune system as it tries to fight off modern life’s daily exposures to triggers like unhealthy food, stress, toxins, allergens, an overgrowth of bad “bugs,” and even low-grade infections driving obesity and chronic disease.

These triggers all cause an increase in the release of inflammatory molecules of your immune system called cytokines.

Cytokines are important in fighting off infection and cancer, and they help your body distinguish between friend and foe.Tweet this!

When properly functioning, the fire can remain contained, however, with constant exposure to triggers, the  inflammatory cytokines and its responses get out of control and go into overdrive—going out of control and destroying everything in its path, leading to chronic diseases of every stripe and cause damage not only in vascular tissues and organs but throughout all body tissues.

The number of people with chronic conditions is rapidly increasing. Given current trends, one in every three children born in 2020 will develop diabetes over the course of a lifetime. This increase in the rates of chronic illness is a direct outcome of an increase in inflammation.

Next let’s talk about all the factors that if imbalanced can lead to inflammation…

Are you on Fire?

Are you dealing with Inflammation?

You are just going to need to wait and read more of what I’ll post for you during the month of November and December.

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