6 Cost-and Time-Effective Steps to Optimize Your Health!

6 Cost-and Time-Effective Steps to Optimize Your Health!

Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel — huffing and puffing and going nowhere fast?

Do you work long hours then run from one thing to the next, only to stop off for fast food just to fill your and your kids bellies? Are you consumed by daily deadlines, projects, answering emails, update statuses and tweets, simply losing touch with those that matter most?

As a physician and mother of 4 boys (8 and under), I very often get lost between work, children, Zumba, cooking, cleaning, writing books and articles, blogging, traveling to speak to various audiences and other public appearances. One day spills into the next, and by the end of the month, it all seems like a blur. Many of my patients are in the same boat – same lifestyle; they and their children have one or more chronic diseases and are suffering emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally, and have all but lost touch with themselves and their body’s needs.

One of the biggest complaints I get is that healing the body naturally and living a healthy and wholesome life doesn’t come cheap. Getting top-quality supplements, eating organic, locally produced foods and other important steps toward living a healthier life are often out of reach for most struggling American households. Clearly, something has gone wrong with the way things are. It is my passion to find the cheapest and most efficient ways that anyone can easily fit into their busy lives, to heal the body.

What is chronic disease?

The common denominator of all chronic diseases is chronic inflammation.Tweet this!

It is a hidden, smoldering fire created by an immune system trying to fight off bad food (sugar, processed foods and inflammatory fats), stress, toxins, allergens, overgrowth of bad bugs in the gut, and even low-grade infections, gradually destroying the beautiful system we were born with. Most people have no idea how to treat their inflammation. What’s worse, instead of addressing this root cause of chronic diseases, many doctors are prescribing pharmaceuticals for a quick “fix” of the symptom until the issue is just manageable. Band-aiding the blaze without turning off the ignition, will only work superficially to keep symptoms at bay, but never really addresses the root cause of the blaze (I know, it’s sad!).

To be truly effective at managing and/or overcoming a disease, we need to address these processes that can lead to inflammation at every level. What causes inflammation and how can we effectively treat it? Any deficit of the factors below can eventually lead to inflammation and add/initiate the fire in our bodies that can potentially lead to chronic disease.

6 Cost-and Time-Effective Steps to Optimize Your Health!

Addressing any deficit in these factors will help you combat inflammation and chronic disease.

Here’s where you can start:

  • Diet!

I cannot begin to emphasize how important this first step is, and that’s why I put it at the top.

Food is a multi-billion-dollar market, and most of that effort goes into attracting people toward processed, empty-calorie and addictive foods that underlines many chronic diseases and increases profit for the food industry.Tweet this!

  • Invest in vegetables, fruits, protein and healthy fat sources. Our goal here is to limit and eventually eliminate all processed foods because inflammation thrives on addictive, empty-calorie “food.” To help your family break up with processed food, only start with incorporating more of the healthy food sources into your daily diet. Very soon, you’ll find that cravings will begin to change, and it will get easier to fight the siren call of those ice cream and fries.
  • Drink a glass of water then eat protein, fat and carbohydrates (includes vegetables) at every meal.
  • Don’t throw your bones away!
  • Bone broth helps heal and seal the gut and puts out the fire at our bodies borders, allowing us to heal from the inside out.Tweet this!

Incorporating these simple dietary changes can dramatically improve your health in two ways:

  • Improve digestive health: The gut is the largest gate between the outside world and our internal environment, and it plays an integral role in healing and preventing disease. About 70% to 80% of the immune system is in the digestive system. Many processed foods trigger these immune cells, which release inflammatory molecules that travel throughout the body and cause inflammation in our joints, skin, blood vessels, brain — everywhere! Paying extra attention to your diet is crucial to stopping the inflammation where it starts and get to the root of your problem.
  • Improves glucose control and decreases insulin resistance. Anything that causes insulin resistance will also cause inflammation, and vice versa. Insulin resistance leads to rapid and premature aging, and causes stroke, dementia, heart disease and cancer. Sugar and refined flours, artificial sweeteners, and lack of fiber are the biggest dietary triggers of inflammation and cause insulin levels to skyrocket.
  • Play!

6 Cost-and Time-Effective Steps to Optimize Your Health!Allow your child to play and run—better yet, play, chase and tackle your children accompanied by tickles, hugs and kisses. Older children can be encouraged to use a pedometer to count steps. Pedometers are easy to use and the best motivator. The idea that something is monitoring your movements is enough motivation for most people to get up and move around when they normally would be sitting down. Many of my patients have downloaded an app on their smartphones that allows them to more accurately monitor their movements, calories burned, and other measurements.

Walking is low impact and a great place to start. In fact, adding any type of exercise will help reduce inflammation. But if you’re starting at zero, go slowly so you don’t injure yourself and end up in forced sedentary confinement.

  • Learn to Relax!

Stress causes more than 80% of patients’ complaints.

Managing stress is essential in any healing and disease-prevention program, as our thoughts, feelings and emotions directly affect our physical health.Tweet this!

  • A daily practice of relaxation techniques can help manage stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, keep damaging hormones at bay, spark brain growth, change gene expression, improve blood circulation and digestion, aids detox, switches off unhealthy genes, enhances the overall immune system and maintains a balanced inner world.
  • Offering encouragement and maintaining a safe, serene, well-structured environment. Keeping open communication, helps to lower stress.
  • Abdominal breathing is extremely effective in decreasing stress because it helps relax the body almost instantly. This exercise takes about five minutes and is most powerful when done a couple of times a day. Use this breathing technique anytime you feel stress or are overwhelmed. You can also do this in the morning when your mind is fresh. But don’t do this just after eating — you’ll be uncomfortable, unable to relax and concentrate.
  • Get comfortable, close your eyes, place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest.
  • Slowly inhale through your nose and into your belly for a count of four, making sure your belly rises when you breathe.
  • Hold the breath for a count of two.
  • Exhale through your mouth slowly for a count of six.
  • Pause for one count then repeat the cycle 10 times.


  • Keeping open communication, not judging and never negating, and helping him use his emotions.
    • Adults and older children can learn to reduce the effects of stress by practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation, prayer, yoga and tai chi.Tweet this! Practiced consistently, these techniques can increase attention and calmness
  • A good night’s sleep. Most people, including children, just don’t get a good night’s sleep anymore. Deep restful sleep is necessary for the body to repair itself. Establish proper bedtimes so the adrenal glands don’t go into overtime and cause undue stress.


  • Gratitude!

Being thankful helps create a subconscious world of positivity that governs 90% of our thoughts and actions.Tweet this!

6 Cost-and Time-Effective Steps to Optimize Your Health!The positive energy boosts optimism, which in turn helps prevent disease, improves our health and immune system and has been proven to add years to our lives. As soon as your child wakes up in the morning, take a moment to sing about 10 things you are all grateful for. This may be a challenge in the beginning, but with regular practice, you’ll find that the morning’s gratefulness exercise starts to permeate your day, leaving your child optimistic.


Starting their morning on a positive note influences the rest of the day. It guarantees that they always get up on the right side of the bed, helping them make the most of their day! Have fun with it!

  • Fill in the gaps!

Your family’s diet is crucial to the ability to live a healthy life and have a strong immune system. However, any deficiency in your nutritional levels can interfere with the healing process, so consider adding minimal supplements like vitamin D, probiotics (or sauerkraut) and fish oil.

Supplements help support the immune system and offer that extra push your child needs toward restoring your body to health and balance.Tweet this!

  • Clean up their world!

6 Cost-and Time-Effective Steps to Optimize Your Health!

Toxins are all around us and are often invisible. Regular exposure can slowly accumulate toxins in their little bodies and force their liver to work extra hard to remove them.

A high body burden of toxins can cause problems at every level, creating havoc in a child’s internal world, unable to eliminate what the body doesn’t want.


One key to combating environmental toxins is clean eating and a healthy lifestyle. Choose non-toxic personal products and cleaners, using glassware for eating, drinking and cooking are easy ways you can ensure a healthy child inside and out!

Take charge of your family’s heath! Adding these simple, easy cost and time effective tips to your family’s daily life can help optimize health helping to create a bright future for those that matter most! If I can do it, you can too!!! Be sure to consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting any new supplement or dietary program.

What cost effective ways have you found to improve your quality of life towards health and healing? Please share your thoughts below!

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Taking Your Life Back!

Madiha Saeed, MD ABIHM

Holistic Mom, MD

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