10 Labs to Help You Solve Your and Your Child’s Puzzle

10 Labs to Help You Solve Your and Your Child’s Puzzle!

10 Labs to Help You Solve Your and Your Child’s Puzzle!

I love puzzles!

There’s something about looking for clues and pieces that fit together uniquely to create a beautiful picture, making it all worth it at the end. So exciting!!! Same goes for the health of our families.

Besides a physical examination and labs are keys in optimizing health. Knowledge is power.

Targeting exactly what is wrong helps to accelerate the healing process.Tweet this!

In children (and adults), depending on the problem, most physicians work anecdotally. But especially for those with serious issues, these predictive biomarkers below could tell you what is going on with the patient at a deeper level.

I have provided the target/optimal ranges that I use, and the interventions typically recommended for my patients, although your personal physician may work with slightly different targets and interventions.

Your child is unique and requires refinement of these recommendations based upon your personal health circumstances.

[To get these tests, just request them from your doctor before your appointment]

10 Labs Help Solve Child’s Puzzle

What is the missing piece of your puzzle? Which one of the 10 labs you are still have not ordered for yourself and/or for your child?

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Taking Your Life Back,

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