Q. What can I implement today to start healing and preventing disease?

A. See my 2017 recommendations

Q. Why should I change my lifestyle?

A. Medications are great for acute situations but for chronic disease they act as Band-Aids which leads to more side effects which your doctor usually treats with more medications.

Q. Why doesn’t my doctor talk about this way of treatment?

A. Doctors don’t usually have enough time to target root causes of symptoms and disease. Most have very limited nutrition/lifestyle training, if any. We are mostly taught problem = pill. Most are unfamiliar of other avenues of healing

Q. What labs should I have my physician order?

A. CBC, CMP, TSH, hsCRP, homocysteine fasting lipids, insulin, Magnesium, HbA1c, B12, vitamin D 25OH. Talk to your doctor, as this is an initial list, more may need to be added depending on symptoms, like a hormone panel or full thyroid panel with antibodies.

Nutrition :

Q. What foods will help me decrease inflammation and address my symptoms or chronic disease?

A. Take a look at my shopping list to see what staple food items can help you decrease inflammation! You can also see what I feed my family on a daily basis to get ideas for meals.

Q. I’m having a hard time figuring out what to cook! What are some recipes you recommend?

A. Check out these recipes for some ideas and subscribe to my newsletter to get my free eBook.

Q. I don’t think I can give up sugar! Is there anything I can make or buy to satisfy my sugar cravings?

A. Check out my desert recipes. Always combine with protein and healthy fat.

Gut Health :

Q.What do I eat to improve my gut health

A. Take a look at my shopping list and recipes. One cup of broth daily is crucial in healing the gut. See recipes.

Q.What do I look for in a probiotic?

A. The more strains the better, especially with soil bacteria like bacillus subtilis. Some people benefit from Saccaromyces Boulardii.

Q.What dose do I start my probiotic on?

A. Start low and slow and slowly taper up to avoid die off reaction.

Q.What is a die off reaction?

A. Die off reaction occurs when the bad bacteria die off and create symptoms like worsening of previous symptoms, digestive issues, fatigue, rashes, etc. This usually lasts a week or two when you first feel worse and then symptoms start to improve. If symptoms are bothersome, please wean down on the probiotic or broth.

Q. Do I have to be on this diet for the rest of my life?

A. Once the gut has healed, foods can be added in slowly, monitoring how you feel. * Eat that food at least twice each day for two days, noticing how you feel. On day three, don't eat the food, but continue to observe how you feel. If you have no reaction to the food, you are ready to move on to challenge the next food on day four. Delayed sensitivities can take up to 72 hours to manifest, and it is important to wait and see if symptoms develop. If you develop symptoms, you will need to continue to avoid that food.

Mental/Emotional Healing :

Q. What can I do to relieve stress?

A. Exercise, breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation are some examples

Social and Spiritual Healing :

Q. Why is this so important?

A. Social: A patient’s social environment is important for overall health. The feeling of being loved releases a flood of potent hormones into the blood stream, which makes us not only feel better emotionally but also significantly strengthens our immune systems. In other words, to give and receive love inspires healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A. Spiritual: Healing the soul is an important aspect in preventing and healing diseases. Numerous studies have indicated a positive relationship between spirituality and health. When a person practices daily meditation in which the thinking mind stops and spiritual energy begins to flow, blood circulation improves, blood pressure goes down, digestion improves, the body detoxs, unhealthy genes are switched off and the overall immune system is enhanced.

Environmental Healing :

Q. What can I do today that will decrease the toxins I’m exposed to?

A. Change body products/make up/and cleaners to natural products.

Supplements :

Q. What are the supplements you recommend?

A. I’m not a big supplement person, but each person is different. I recommend 90% of my patients take vitamin D, magnesium, fish oil and probiotics. Talking to your integrative physician is key in appropriate supplementation.

Q. Why do I need to supplement if I have a good diet?

A.Living a healthy life and boosting immunity always starts with the diet, and this can’t be replaced. These nutritional deficiencies often interfere with the healing process, so adding supplements to the diet can expedite healing by supporting the immune system and restoring the body to health and balance.